Affordable housing, down on memory lane.

He suddenly remembered trying to sell his soul on eBay way back in ninety nine, then he recalled no one bid.

He inhaled his smoke in deep, sighing as he exhaled. He was consistently left (he thought). “Sometimes your destiny just sucks” (he said out loud)… Right then, he decided to take comfort in knowing exactly what he did not want. Along with far off, distant thoughts of figuring out the flip-side, much later.

The way he saw it was split, like records in a divorce… He hoped he would come face to face with what was inevitably the end, and simply nod. But he was only ever any good at lying to himself… As he often would when loathing himself, he drifted off and looked up. He noticed a bird flying through the air as a strong wind was blowing, it looked like slow motion (he thought), “I wonder if they get impatient” (he said out loud).


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